Baze University

Our Campus

“Baze delivers quality through experienced international staff, superb teaching equipment, overseas external examiners, and first-rate buildings to guarantee standards. Baze aims to provide university education to British standards in Nigeria at about half the cost of sending a student to study abroad”

Currently, no Nigerian university is rated in the top 5,000 in the world. Many Nigerians thus feel compelled to send their sons and daughters to be educated abroad, at substantial cost (at least $28,000 per year for tuition, travel and living expenses). Baze offers the same quality of education and living at about $14,000 (N2.2 m) – and, at a critical stage of their lives, students will be closer to their families.

Our plans aim to:

  • Ensure that young Nigerians see their local university (Baze University) as their higher education destination of choice
  • Provide a safe, vibrant, sustainable and accessible place for our students and staff to live, work and study

About our campus

The main campus of the university is located six kilometres from Abuja Central Area. The campus has a collection of state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that help provide an adequate and conducive environment for learning. With a multitude of school blocks and comfortable classes, studios, and laboratories designed to improve interactivity and foster all forms of cognitive learning. Beyond academia, the school has facilities such as the mall, clinic area, and cafeteria to ensure students receive adequate care and provisions without leaving the campus grounds.