Welcome to J. A. Paki Computer Centre

The J.A. Paki Computer Centre is designed to meet the following needs:

  • Academic and research needs of staff and students.
  • Efficient internal records.
  • Offering of part-time courses and programmes for students who wish to be computer literate

The Computer Centre organizes specific computer courses for students at the undergraduate level in all disciplines, especially on Computer application. The course titled: Introduction to Computer Application is compulsory for all Baze students and is part of the graduation requirements for undergraduate degree programmes.

Please visit IT Service Desk website Click here for any complains

Computer Centre Services

We are responsible for all IT services at Baze University. We have a wide range of IT services for staff and students which include:

  • A unique username and password that gives access to the University’s network.
  • A unique email address for each member of staff and student.
  • Personal and shared storage space on the University server.
  • Free access to the University wireless network across the campus.
  • The Student Portal which provides a personalised view of the University's internet resources, assessment and course grades, examination timetables and many other useful links.
  • IT advice and help 24/7.

Baze University Email

All students have a 25GB Google Mail account, along with Google Calendars, Documents and other applications. Click here to access your Google Mail. Google applications are designed to be collaborative and enable you to work with your classmates on group projects. Please make sure, however, that assessed group project work will need to be placed within the Virtual Learning Environment, Victory, and not within Google (as your tutors will not be able to view it). If you have any questions please contact your academic department or tutor.

Google Account

Baze University is one of the first Universities in Nigeria to provide Google applications to all students.Your google account is integrated with the following applications

Google Mail – your own account, with masses of storage, to keep for ever.

Google Calendars – organise your time and share dates with friends.

Google Documents – share documents and work together, even when you’re not together.

Google Sites – build your own web site for work or for play.

Google Talk – Chat for free and share files instantly.

Baze University Elearning To login to Baze University's Elearning Portal click here You can obtain your login details from Server room (A21)

Antivirus and other Academic Softwares

You should make sure you have an up to date anti virus programme installed on your PC or laptop. There are many good free downloadable options on the internet, including Microsoft Security Essentials which can be downloaded from Microsoft security essential

Academia - discounted software

Academia provide discounted educational software to students, view their student store at